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Unauthorized Beach Landing in NYC Queens

'Jet' stream in Queens By PHILIP MESSING, LARRY CELONA and FRANK ROSARIO Last Updated: 3:33 AM, April 5, 2011 Posted: 2:22 AM, April 5, 2011 He landed in hot water. A 24-year-old pilot who made a safe emergency landing in the water off the Rockaways last night was questioned by cops because he touched down without permission, law-enforcement sources told The Post. The pilot, Jason Maloney, took off from Republic Airport in Farmingdale, LI, for a sightseeing trip with pals Clarke Oler,… ( Altro...

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Great, just the image GA needs right about now. I hope the FAA takes his ticket.
Confusing but amusing.
Toby Sharp 0
where is the story on the link?????
Toby Sharp 0
found it, i think we will have to wait for the official report to come out on this one. The pilot sounds like he needs to make up his mind. "violently ill passenger" and "engine roughness" are 2 very different things. The PIC is responsible for his passengers on board and he should have handled the situation with some degree or professionalism. Thanks for the scratch on GA
Its one of the cover stories on the NY Post's website or
Roger Holt 0
Here is the link:

The Post also has a video on their site that states all three people were taken to the hospital. The video also has the witness quoted in the article as stating it was one of the passengers who was crying not the pilot. It seems there are a lot of factual errors.
Toby Sharp 0
hmmmmmmmm. this is very confusing and amusing. DBake got it right. if any of you guys hear about the official report, repost please! thanks
I was listening to JFK Tower live last night from LiveATC when this was developing. The controller handled this perfectly, considering he was working all sorts of heavy aircraft in and out at the time. This guy was talking very erratically on the freq., first saying that he just wanted to "Low Fly", then saying he wanted to drop a passenger off at JFK, and then asked if he was allowed to land on a beach. The controller asked if it was an emergency, and the piolot declined. At one point, the controller informed him that he had radar contact with him 3 miles south of JFK, and the pilot responded with "What if I want to hide from you?" The audio recording is worth a listen to, and is posted on the LiveATC site, in the "Interesting Recordings" section. I could not believe what I was hearing last night!
Toby Sharp 0
......he said what if i want to hide from you? was this guy smoking pot? idiot
The aircraft's registered owner is "Plane Nonsense Inc" Bear Delaware... that should be a real credibility booster with the FAA and the NYPD.
gh123 0
I have just listened to the ATC on

None of it makes any sense. The pilot was behaving like a complete idiot.

the link is:
This guy must have been on some sort junk... I can't imagine ever talking to a controller that way. The ATC recording has been edited to just have the pertinent radio calls for this incident, but, when I was listening live, that controller was dealing with this fool along with about a departure and arrival every 20 seconds! It was right during the evening rush at JFK.
Toby Sharp 0
what a clown. I would never in a million years talk to a controller like that. terrible!
gh123 0
Exactly! As a private single engine pilot, this pillock gives the likes of me a bad name. It makes me mad. I hope that they can bill him for all of the emergency services costs, including the helicopter costs.
Toby Sharp 0
Amen to that!
athmi01 0
Could these symptoms be due to Carbon Monoxide? Engine roughness: mechanical failure that causes CO to leak into the cabin? Violently ill passenger: CO poisoning symptom?
NY Post Update on the Unauthorized Beach Landing in NYC Queens- Pilot Loopy

Pilot's weird excuses to land on Queens beach

Last Updated: 5:45 AM, April 6, 2011

Posted: 1:40 AM, April 6, 2011

He just wanted to go to the beach!

Joyriding pilot Jason Maloney made every loopy, bizarre excuse in the book to air-traffic controllers to justify setting down his single-engine Piper in shallow water off the Rockaways shoreline Monday evening -- while dodging giant passenger jetliners taking off from Kennedy Airport in the process.

In the oddball transmissions, Maloney, 24, claimed he landed because he had a sick passenger or because his engine was "a little teeeensy bit rough" -- although he made a series of seemingly implausible excuses to land on the sand.

"Whooooa . . . What if I want to hide from you?" he radioed after a controller said radar showed his plane east of Jones Beach.

"This might be crazy," Maloney radioed a few minutes later. "But are we allowed to land on the beach?"

"I don't think so, unless it was an emergency," the controller answered.

"I'm a paramedic, uhhh, is there anyone I can ask?" he responded, before asking, "Any private beaches around?"

The transmissions were odd from the get-go.

Soon after taking off from Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Maloney asked if he could land his plane with its two passengers -- Clarke Oler, 22, and Chelsea Protter, 21, both Long Islanders -- at JFK.

He said he wanted to "drop a pastor off at JFK who is doing some medical mission work. Where would I drop him off at your airport?"

The controller advised Maloney to check with the Port Authority.

After Maloney finally landed -- without declaring an emergency -- he incredibly didn't understand why his stunt enraged FAA officials.

"It happens in Alaska all the time!" he told cops, sources said.

"Welcome to New York," a cop replied.

Maloney's high jinks could cost him his pilot's license, and he might be fined.

"He doesn't sound drunk. He doesn't sound stoned. He sounds like a jerk. He was looking for somebody to tell him to do that -- land on the water," a law-enforcement source said after listening to the audio recording.
The Pilot declined to declare an emergency when asked by ATC. He was instructed that he did not have permission to land on the shore or beaches.
Hard to believe someone this immature can get a PPL in the first place.
dmanuel 0
As a pilot, listening to the audio was extremely painful. This pilot actions could be classified as moronic or idiotic . He was unprofessional and risked the lives of people on the beach, first responders rushing to an 'emergency landing' and airline passengers (because he was distracting the controller). His license should be revoked permanently and pay a fine equal to the costs incurred by the city. All pilots are going to stained by this event. I would not be surprised to see a panicked public demand aircraft be banned from overflying the beach.
This incident is beyond the pail! This so-called "pilot" has a lot of growing up to do. In the meantime he has no business at the controls of any plane in any skies flying an airplane. In addition, I would question his claim to be a paramedic or whatever he claimed to be. He would not be welcome to administer to me. Thankfully this guy just culled himself from the sane and is not a known commodity. Good luck to him he'll need it.
This incident is beyond the pale! This so-called "pilot" has a lot of growing up to do. In the meantime he has no business at the controls of any plane in any skies flying an airplane. In addition, I would question his claim to be a paramedic or whatever he claimed to be. He would not be welcome to administer to me. Thankfully this guy just culled himself from the sane and is now a known commodity. Good luck to him he'll need it.
chalet 0
The only question still to be answered is: was it crack, marihuana, cocaine or heroin, PERIOD!. The guy should be hung from the empire State building, END OF DISCUSSION!.
chalet 0
What an irony, only a few miles from where one of the greatest acts of airmanshop was performed -on the Hudson-, some of the worst and irresponsible acts against aviation safety took place. The only thing that the police, NTSB, etc. have to determine is: was it cocaine, heroin, marihuana, crack or amphetamines. The guy should be hung from the Empire State building.
UPDATE II Beach Taken From Family Home to the Hospital this Afternoon

Pilot in Rockaway Beach landing may lose license
Last Updated: 3:42 PM, April 6, 2011

Posted: 3:32 PM, April 6, 2011

The FAA said Wednesday it may yank the license of a pilot who landed a small plane on a public beach in New York City, later bragging to police that he was simulating action seen on an Alaskan adventure TV show.

Police said Jason Maloney, 24, of Cornwall, New York, made the unusual landing on Rockaway Beach in Queens Monday night despite being discouraged several times to do so by an air traffic controller.

Maloney told authorities he got the idea to land his single engine plane on the shore from watching the Discovery Channel’s ”Flying Wild Alaska,” a reality show about a family navigating tough flights through Alaskan terrains.

No injuries were reported and no charges have been filed against Maloney, a medical student at Georgetown University.

Meanwhile, Maloney was rushed to the hospital today.

His father told Fox 5's Brian Andrews that the family had called the ambulance for him. It is unclear why he needed to be taken to the hospital but Cornwall police called it a medical emergency.

Andrews says Maloney looked dazed and was not wearing shoes. He was trying to cover himself from the camera with a blue jacket. He was taken to St Luke’s hospital.

FAA spokesman Jim Peters said the agency is investigating and is considering all forms of discipline against Maloney, ranging from no action to taking away his pilot license.

“We could seek suspension of his private pilot’s license, revocation or a civil penalty,” Peters said.

According to FAA records, Maloney has been a private pilot certified to fly single engine planes for almost two years. He took off from Republic Airport on Long Island Monday and had two passengers on board.

The Web site, which monitors air traffic, posted a recording of Maloney’s in-flight conversations with an air traffic controller at John F. Kennedy Airport. In it, Maloney asked if he is allowed to fly below 500 feet.

“Just let us know if we’re up in your grill, you know?” Maloney said in the recording.

He then asked if he was allowed to make a landing at JFK, and the controller said he was not authorized to make that call. That’s when Maloney asked, “This might be crazy though, but are we allowed to land on the beach?”

The controller repeatedly told Maloney no because such landings should only be done in emergencies. A few minutes later, Maloney contacted the controller again with new information.

“My engine might be running a little teensy bit rough,” he said. “I’m going to make a precautionary landing. Is that all right with you?”

The controller replied, “Landing will be at your own risk.”

Maloney then said he was a paramedic and was going to land the plane on the beach because he had a sick passenger on board. That prompted air traffic to send police and ambulances to respond to the beach landing.

After he emerged from the plane, police said, Maloney told authorities “What’s the big deal? It happens all the time in Alaska.”

A detective replied, “Welcome to New York.”

Imitation may be the sincerest flattery, but it’s not necessarily the safest, said the Discovery Channel.

“While we are pleased that the pilot in New York landed safely, the bush pilots shown in Flying Wild Alaska are highly skilled professionals who are trained to operate aircraft in one of the most remote regions of America,” said the show’s executive producer Christo Doyle.

meeverett 0
While I can't believe this guy's actions, I'm really shocked by the response given by the Discovery Channel:

"Imitation may be the sincerest flattery, but it’s not necessarily the safest, said the Discovery Channel.

“While we are pleased that the pilot in New York landed safely, the bush pilots shown in Flying Wild Alaska are highly skilled professionals who are trained to operate aircraft in one of the most remote regions of America,” said the show’s executive producer Christo Doyle."

What they should have said was that they're just glad that this disaster didn't end with any deaths. Instead they seem to agree this moron is as awesome as he seems to think he is.

Having listened to the recording, the idea that this guy might get off with an insignificant slap on the wrist is an affront to all of GA. I'm serious, every time I fly (as a 24yo low time private pilot) I try to maintain the highest level of professionalism and airmanship I can. To think that I'm getting lumped in with the likes of this guy makes me sick.
meeverett 0
Just as an aside, if you want so desperately to 'hide' from ATC and land on the beach, why would you call them in the first place? It's not like the person on the other end of the radio is going to come back with "Yeah, AWESOME MAN!!! DO IT!!!"
The whole back story on this is probably yet to become known. The ATC recording would indicate the PIC was not of his right mind for what reason it is unclear. That said it is remarkable no one was injured and the plane was landed relatively safely. Had the flight continued closer into the City and the PIC continued the highly unusual discourse with ATC...the outcome could have been much more unfortunate.
dmanuel 0
There was a blurb on the news, indicating the pilot was taken to the hospital today, for unknown reasons. Does anyone here suspect an attempted angling, for a 'extenuating medical circumstances' plea?
ajbncsu 0
Maloney's friend said, "He is really, really smart". Maybe when it comes to books, but obviously no common sense. I'm a 22 year old holder of a CPL and would never think of doing something like this, even at the age of 12. Just what we need, a stupid kid to tarnish GA and all pilots similar in age.
"Yes, I would like fries with that, thanks"

Hope he enjoys the view from the back from now on, and his lawyer fees.
2 words - Arrogant Idiot a.k.a. Dumb A**!
Need to be sure this spoiled brat never gets near an airplane again. Even if this "child" grows up at some point, if he lives that long, he still should never be licensed again. Immaturity and flippant behaviour have no place up there.


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