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Boeing, Cancel Culture, And Forgiveness

We find ourselves in a remarkably bitter and divisive time in American history. As we look to how to move forward as a nation during this time of great disunity, I turn to the issue of “cancel culture” in the airline industry. Boeing Embraces “Cancel Culture” In Airline Industry Last summer, a Boeing executive was fired for an essay he wrote 33 years earlier while in the Navy. The essay addressed females in combat and made a number of arguments that did not age well. ( Altro...

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... and, that photo, of a parade in honor of Major General Alenka Ermenc, the first female placed in charge of a NATO "Professional army," that being, of course, that of Slovenia. Strange place to use that photo.
William Reading 2
Weird article. This was just written, but this guy resigned in July of last year, was the person that was the PR face of the company,had only been in that role for six months, and it was a distraction from dealing with the 737MAX stuff. This isn’t surprising outcome.

Here’s a Reuters article written from when this happened:


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