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Body of Capt. Jennifer Casey, fallen member of Snowbirds, returns to Halifax on Sunday

The body of Capt. Jennifer Casey is set to return home to Halifax on Sunday. The 35-year-old former journalist and public affairs officer for the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds — the official aerobatic team of the Royal Canadian Air Force — died last week as the jet she was flying in crashed in Kamloops, B.C. She is being remembered as a storyteller who made an impact on everyone she crossed paths with. ( Altro...

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Three particularly poignant posts and reflections on Captain Casey's demise. Thanks to those who posted. I am mineful that tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the US a day when we remember those who have given their lives for their countryMy condolences to Captain Casey's family and all who loved her. RIP
Rest in peace Jennifer. Thank you for your service. My condolences to all your squadron mates and your family. You will never be forgotten.
From the CF Snowbirds Facebook page:

Early this morning, our friend and teammate, Captain Jennifer Casey, lifted off from Abbotsford on a CC-130J Hercules for her journey home to Halifax. In a private ceremony, we honoured and bid final farewell to our fallen comrade. In the face of this tragedy, the tremendous love and support of people from across Canada, but particularly Kamloops and local First Nations, has been a light in the darkness. From Legion tributes to Drumming Circles to neighborhood support, it has been overwhelmingly encouraging during a very difficult time. We want Canadians, but particularly the people of Kamloops, to know that all the love you have shown for Jenn, Captain Rich MacDougall and the Snowbirds is deeply appreciated, and will never be forgotten. Thank you.
Chris B 3
Her parents gave her wings.

She learned to fly.

As we are reminded of all the people you touched and made better, rest easy Captain Casey.
So sad to hear. RIP
I was on the side of the highway for the motorcade! It was definitely a sight to see, I hope I don't have to see another one for a long time!
canuck44 5
It has been a very hard spring for Nova Scotians. First they had the mass murder of 22 of its citizens including a senior female RCMP officer. Then they lost the helo off HMCS Fredericton with six officers from Shearwater, three of whom were native Nova Scotians, one being a popular piper

Then the virus hit and shut down a huge Nova Scotia industry of tourism which each summer is highlighted by the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, a very unifying week. The tattoo has been canceled I planned my vacation to attend and meet old friends who would attend as well.

Now they have lost another well known young Nova Scotian. May she rest in peace and may the entire province emerge from a lousy start to the year to thrive in what remains of 2020.


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