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VIDEO. An updated video of a passenger landing a King Air 200 when his pilot dies (original from 2015)

Worth a watch, might have been posted before. NEW 2020 EDITION Pilot dies in flight. Hero passenger lands the King Air Turbo Prop and saves his family. Previously released in 2015, this new edition includes new content, behind scenes information, interviews with air traffic controllers, super-titles of ATC communications, and more. ( Altro...

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All that hoarded toilet paper just cam in handy. Having a few hours of training in 1998 made this 43 minutes of sheer agony. What a great pilot.
RIP the pilot
What a great story. RIP to the pilot,
What an amazing story! RIP the pilot.
Fuhndhu 2
A thrillingly put together video.
Better than any fiction... and with a happy end.
You can hear the mental fatigue in his voice as the time passes, and his relief at the moment he knows he and his family are safe.
A happy ending? Tell that to the pilots family.
Fuhndhu 1
You are right of course.I apologise if my comment seems insensitive.
I guess my problem is seeing a glass 80% full, instead of 20% empty.
Fuhndhu 2
And I would add, I don't know whether an author could write dialogues as spare and tense as this soundtrack.
Neil Munro 1
In my opinion it would help if the people concerned could speak slower and let their brains catch up with their mouths!!


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