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Victoria light plane crash kills 4 at Mangalore, as planes collide mid-air

Australia’s first mid-air crash in more than a decade claimed four lives yesterday when two light planes on training flights collided high above central Victoria, tumbling in front of bewildered eyewitnesses. Emergency services staff found wreckage from both planes in separate locations on the ground near Seymour, about 120km north of Melbourne, with the victims trapped after the twin death spirals. ( Altro...

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Charlie Roberts 2
Condolences to the families and prayers for the victims.
bentwing60 2
A bit more info. without the paywall that I was unable to defeat.

Flight training, per se, I felt was the most hazardous part of my career with lots' of takeoff and landing ops at uncontrolled airports, training maneuvers in busy 'practice' areas and little or no ATC participation unless you were performing IFR instruction. And then, you didn't file unless it was a cross country.

The big sky theory has always been a fallacy and this accident lead to the modern day ATC.

When pilots say 'lets get together' they mean at the bar, or whatever!
Viv Pike 2
RIP to all. Sad news.


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