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US court say travelers can sue TSA over abusive airport screeners

A US appeals court says travelers can sue the American government over abusive conduct by federal airport screeners because the agents can act like law enforcement officers, including when they conduct invasive searches. ( Altro...

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The key is that TSA agents are very poorly trained and the low pay gets you “what you paid for” unfortunately. My wife was a nurse in an inner city high school and shortly after end of school one year we were flying out of EWR. The screener had just graduated high school a few weeks earlier and greeted her “hi Nurse Nancy”. Very nice girl but how much training could she have gotten in 2 weeks.
Steamjet 4
Spot on Eric. A colleague of mine was laid off from the airlines- she was a Pilot and ended up as a trainer for the TSA..... training the trainers....and she said ninety percent of them were a bunch of complete losers.....and hardly trainable.... they just didn’t get it.. Her comments were if these folks are the trainers, imagine how bad the front line folks are.
like abusive police officers acting out of bounds, these TSA people are similar: not well-enough selected, not sufficiently trained, and are not using the best practices of the Israeli airport screeners, perhaps due to lack of time to process the passengers, but nevertheless, the folks from Israel are considered the best at it because they must be the best at it, given the threats.
Interesting article but the comments following it are the ramblings of idiots!
Wayne Fox 1
I always thank them for their service before the screening process. I have a mobility problem and use an electric wheelchair which is always a hassle. My wife has a neurostimulator in her head to control seizures and cannot go through an Xray scanner and must be hand scanned which she hates, I try to make it easier and explain to the TSA that she dislikes taking off her shoes and hoodie because she has a thyroid problem making her cold all the time. She can become pretty nasty at times. My attempts to smoothover the problem tend to lesson the tension between the TSA screener and my wife.
Did anybody notice that this article appears to be on an Iranian-sponsored website? The site has numerous anti-American and anti-Isreal comments and news articles, and a lot of coverage of Iran and how great it is. Hard to take their comments seriously.
The question is, was there such a court ruling, not that the article was from and an Iranian based news organization.
Bernie20910 -7
Let's just open the floodgates and swamp the courts with lawsuits from all the entitled folks who think being forced to dump their Grande Caramel Soy Milk Frappiewhatever that they JUST BOUGHT in the airport itself before going through security is "abusive", shall we?
Jim Myers -2
You should really try watching some NEWS instead of Fox. You do know that Fox "News" is actually a part of the ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION at Fox, right? Even Fox knows that their "news" is just comedy!
Much like your stupid comment! What does FOX News have to do with this? Sounds like the left side of your body is acting up again.


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