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Ryanair to cut 30,000 flights owing to Boeing 737 Max crisis

So apparently not all of the 737 MAX news is bad... ( Altro...

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A few months back , i had suggested that " Airlines " in general would have to consider removing all referances ,such as badging on aircraft ,interior markings and reservation based info as to the type of aircraft used . Now i have proof of this . Ryanair is re-badging the aircraft a " Boeing 8200 " . I do not find fault in this need . After all it is a serious problem all Operators will have , if they want to fool and / or decieve a fear filled passenger . But who will you find to Fly it and Cabin Crew it . Then there is one last thing of note , that only Plane freaks like me might notice ......It is that unique jagged tooth , engine cowling . If you want to identify a Max , thats the way to do it ..........Penny for your thoughts ......DGR


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