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Bombardier sells regional jet program to Misubishi

Bombardier Inc. announced Tuesday a deal to sell its regional jet program to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. for US$550 million. ( Altro...

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airuphere 3
With Viking Air taking the Q400 program and Mitsubishi the CRJ.. Bombardier commercial aviation is a thing of the past - keeping only the biz jets division. Apparently UK factory wasn’t kept in the loop - bunch of angry workers there. They say this is the last step in their “aviation strategy”..
ThePumpkin 2
Another Canadian aerospace program lost? Ya Right! From a company that was the epitome of corporate welfare always begging and snivelling on their knees for tax payers money to survive! Good riddance to them!
Andre Blanchard 2
Another Canadian aerospace program..lost
siriusloon 2
Wanna bet they don't pay back a penny of all the loans they got from the federal and provincial government?
Cansojr 1
I believe that BOMBARDIER made a huge error selling this technology to the Japanese. In the future we will buy our Regional jets from them.
siriusloon 3
Considering the Japanese bought the programme, it does indeed follow that anybody buying CRJs in the future will be buying them from the Japanese.
matt jensen 2
william baker 2
This is a one in a life time huge mistake. You can bet that the Japanese will do the same as russia does and back build the aircraft and make there own version of it. Bombardier should have never sold the regional jet program to either misubishi or to airbus.
Matt Makar 1
Oops, missed the “t”..
Sue Lockwood 1
This transaction is wrong on so many levels. Bombardier like GM were supported by Canadian taxpayers when they threatened to shutdown. According to this report Bombardier kept $400 million in debt so they’re essentially giving away the business to Mitsubishi. This sale needs regulatory approval. Will the government stop it??


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