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Air Transat named World’s Best Leisure Airline for the second year running

For the second year in a row, Air Transat has taken the title of World’s Best Leisure Airline at the Skytrax World Airline Awards presentation ceremony, held today at the 53rd International Paris Air Show Le Bourget in France. ( Altro...

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Cansojr 3
This is perhaps the worst airline in CANADA. On a flight from HAV to YYZ I had water dripping on me for the 4 hour flight. I was offered a complimentary warm beverage in a tropical environment for my inconvenience. The flight was 3 hours late. On a flight to the Azores several years ago they nearly had to ditch in the Atlantic because of poor fuel management. No this is the airline from Hades.
Joe Cairns 1
I travel to Glasgow from Toronto often. I’ve just found out I have to pay for a “checked” bag each way. I don’t believe in hiding costs. Happy to pay for the fare without having to deal with “add ons”
The flights fine
Jeraboam 1
Toronto to Lisbon in a refurbished aircraft with mood lighting and seatback video but narrow seats short pitch even in the last rows with the 2-4-2 layout. Return flight on the original version with even tighter seats and knees crammed against the seat in front. Overhead drop down video screens every 4-5 rows with outdated movies. Meals and service good on-board but don't make up for lousy planes. Prices as high or higher than TAP direct flights and much higher for direct flights to Faro , the main winter destination.
Rob Hall 1
Whoever voted this airline the best must be under 5 foot 7" and have the build of a stick bug. Their seat width and pitch in Y is the smallest available. Their on-board service is good but no better than others. Would like to see the criteria for choosing the 'best leisure airline'. I suspect someone is getting paid under the table for this endorsement.
John Robinson 1
Concur this has to be the worst airline in Canada, worse than ROUGE in my view. Known for being extra charge specialists, being fined by the Gov’t for keeping passengers sitting for hours in sweltering aircraft without water or fresh air. The smallest seats and aisle width allowed in Y, food a starving Squaddie would decline. They always have delays due to maintenance. I’d rather walk.


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