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Air Transat begins the renewal of its fleet

Montreal, May 3, 2019 – Today, Air Transat, named the 2018 World’s Best Leisure Airline, is taking delivery of the first of 15 Airbus A321neoLRs that will be added to its fleet by 2022. ( Altro...

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dardav 1
agreed, flew down to Mx twice on Air Transat out of YYC. Excellent service, even with two different wedding parties on the same flight. Loud, fun but under control.
Easy to control a plane full of drunk people. If it gets to out of control just have to drop the cabin pressure and everyone will go night night. Then raise it back up and they will wake up lol.
canuck44 3
LOL...old trick that worked real well when most of the rowdies were smokers.
mbrews 1
- Air Transat fans : its a bit unwise to celebrate this news of fleet renewal. Why ? Closely read the article. It says the planned A321neo fleet will be powered by P&W geared turbofans. WAAY too many in-flight shutdowns experienced on the GTF . No, that doesn't mean Greatest Turbo Fan. The promised economy has been overwhelmed by unacceptably poor reliability. Ask Indigo. Ask Airbus why so many brand new A320s are parked engine-less at Toulouse, waiting for P&W to deliver functional engines


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