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JetBlue CEO Picks Up Trash From His Own Plane

The millionaire CEO of JetBlue, Robin Hayes, has been spotted on board a flight. In a powerful nod to the customer focused culture of the airline, not only did he fly coach, he was also helping to collect the trash from passengers on board. ( Altro...

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So did Herb Kelleher at SWA - 20 yrs prior
bentwing60 4
Herb and Colleen did a lot of things the average upper airline management never even considered.
Dave and David did this for years at JetBlue, and David would also help load luggage as well
How to properly save operation costs...
Publicity stunt, who cares, so what. If a pilot goes and pushes the aircraft back in a tug are we to applaud? Everyone has their role. Let us see Jetblue's earnings.
rapidwolve 6
So everytime he flies on his airline in coach, which is pretty much all the time, it's a publicity stunt? I think not. And if the pilot of the aircraft pushed it back in a tug, he'd probably be on the other side of the fence as he'd more than likely lose his job.
P.S. JetBlue's earnings last quarter beat expectations, and earnings are made by making, and then keeping, a happy customer.


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