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Shutdown Exposes Another Government Agency Ripe For Privatization — Air Traffic Control

Debated many times previously on this forum. The TSA can also be privatized with the fees given to the airports. ( Altro...

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Falconus 4
Nah, it just exposes the need for a functional government.

I actually don't understand the impetus to privatize everything. Right now, we the taxpayers have to pay the cost of running ATC. If we privatize it, we'll have to pay to run it AND then we'll owe the execs and shareholders their cut.
canuck44 0
Functional government is an oxymoron.

Privatization does not necessarily mean a corporate structure with shareholders but can be set up as a non-profit funded by user fees and free from politicians using it as a social program but one where merit rules over "diversity" etc. Likewise with TSA screeners where individual airports can be given the current passenger fees and administer their own with or without unionization. That option was given previously and a few accepted.
linbb 3
Low info here sounds good but works poorly overseas.
linbb 1
You have to be kidding or just stupid look overseas they have private controlers, poor quality of workers, strikes that have caused problems among other things. The US has a much better one with less problems. Get over everything needs to be private.


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