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A Boeing 707 Has crashed

A Boeing 707 cargo jet has crashed and all 10 people on board have are said to be deceased. My thoughts and Prays to the Fanily and friends of all on board. ( Altro...

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Cansojr 1
I am sorry for the lives lost. I do not take any satisfaction of a mess the Iranians of the 10 lives lost. They had families who loved them. Iranian commercial aircraft are held toget with balling wire and drilled out cracks everywhere. They brought this mess on themselves. I have no respect for laws made in the 7th century and have murdered 100s of thousands of their own citizens for nothing but bumpf and the shared backward ideas of the Council of Experts (HA HA HA HA) A Council of Idiots (mullahs) make rules for Iranian aviation and none of these know-it-alls have a beans worth of knowledge about commercial aviation. The Council of Experts had the real experts shot. No wonder why they have such a great aviation system. Oh yeah, if you are in the Air during one flight it was prayer time. A mullah got everyone praying in unison. Praying to get to their destination alive.

bentwing60 1
oops. iranian state of the art freighter, flown by state of the art iranians. Down vote this all you want but I have lived next door to one for 22 years who is as crazy as the holytolla. wanta buy my house?
A iranian or an707 lol.
Update. CNN is reporting there was 16 people on board the jet when it crashed.


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