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A321LR receives ETOPS certification from EASA and FAA

Toulouse - The European EASA and the American FAA have issued a type certificate for the long-range version of the Airbus A321neo, including ETOPS authorization allowing the aircraft to fly on overseas long-haul routes. ( Altro...

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30west 5
Airliner Watch, as an industry publication, should have been more specific in reporting the ETOPS approval in the number of minutes approved, i.e. 120, 180, etc. I would be interested in knowing the details.
Tobin Sparfeld 4
Looks like it's 180 minutes from this article:
30west 3
Thanks for the info Tobin.
patrick baker 2
do not expect a comfortable aircraft as you cross oceans. You can expect happy accountants, but they do not fly tourist.
Joao Ponces 3
Yes, the B-757 was more comfortable?
patrick baker 2
so what about 757 comfort. There are about to be swarms of 321 long rangers crossing oceans and parts of oceans, because primarily the low operating costs, not passenger comfort. THe airlines are selling new city pairs- convenience. No charge for back aches, muscle cramps, and all manner of stuff muscles
Jesse Carroll 1
Looks like a "Fat" 757 to me! Just saying.....


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