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Picture: Boeing 777X receives its foldable wing tip

Everett - The first 777-9 is taking shape for flight testing. Boeing has installed the foldable wing mechanism on the prototype WH001. The first flight to take place in March 2019. ( Altro...

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Richard Orgill 2
This is great wonder how many we will be able to get on our carriers? (Get it...joke...)
Barry Blesi 1
Sort of... Believe they're looking at a raked tip (flat, curved aft) initially.
Kevin Haiduk 1
Is it going to have a winglet?
william baker 2
The foldable wing tip is the winglet.
Highflyer1950 2
But only on the ground for maneuvering. It appears B has done away with winglets altogether for cruise.
30west 2
Highflyer, It appears that the "X" wingtip design will follow the same new wingtip design as the 787 which is a gently curved up wing tip, not the very angular design of earlier wingtip applications.
Highflyer1950 2
Thanks, I saw another view on the raked wingtip in the down position and it makes sense. cheers.
william baker 1
Off subject but I haven’t heard of 30west in years. Lol
30west 4
Keeping a low profile!
bentwing60 1
Started to post this the other day but didn't, GA seems to be following the same path in some regards because the very angular, tall winglets require a beef up of outer wing panels and structure due to the lateral loads and increased apparent span. GLF 500, 600, 650 seem to be adopting a similar planform. At any rate winglet design seems to follow the "soup de jour" to me these days. cheers.


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