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The B-32 Waged America’s Last Air Battle in World War II (After the War Ended)

However, the Superfortress actually had a little-known rival developed by the manufacturer Consolidated, better known for its mass-production of the B-24 Liberator heavy bomber. Had the Superfortress failed to perform as expected, the so-called B-32 Dominator was to be the fallback option. However, the B-29 actually did end up performing according to expectations when it began operations in the Pacific Theater in 1944, but Consolidated still produced more than a hundred B-32s which were deployed… ( More...

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Tom Bruce 1
didn't save any of them
Mark Lansdell 1
Yesterday was the very first time I'd ever heard of the craft, but it's a looong way from B-25 to B-29. There had to be something in between the two. My curiosity has waned over the last few years or I suppose I might have investigated the missing aircraft. We came a long way in the war years. We were still flying Jennys when it all started and many airplanes were introduced even starting the jet age with the F-80. As for saving any from history's junk pile, I understand we're out of rebuildable B-29s and only 2 left flying.
Torsten Hoff 1
It's sad to read about the fate of these aircraft on Wikipedia. Many of the type were flown directly from the assembly line to a storage site for scrapping -- such a waste.
Tom Bruce 1
B15 resting in a swamp in Panama, B19 scrapped, all B35/B49 flying wings - scrapped, B46, B48 scrapped,
Martin B51 scrapped... so sad

Tom Bruce 1
get the book U.S. Bombers B1-B70 Jones Aero Publishing 1966
not a great reference but does cover all bomber numbers assigned
B25, B26, B27 (Martin - never built) - B28 (North American-lost out to B26?) - and B29


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