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Russian general ID'd ordering actions before downing of Malaysian passenger jet

A semi-retired Russian three-star general oversaw the cross-border movements of a rocket launcher used to bring down a passenger jet in 2014 over eastern Ukraine, killing all aboard, an investigation by a team of reporting outlets has found. The reporting team, made up of McClatchy and investigative websites Bellingcat (based in London) and The Insider (based in Moscow), identifies the general as Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev. His identification is potentially a breakthrough in a case that has… ( Altro...

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They shot down the KAL 007 flight a Boeing 747 100-200 years ago and I do believe they did this to the Boeing 777 -200 jet
rest assured those operating the rocket launcher that brought down the plane did not do it on their takes time but the truth,suspected or not, ususally comes out..
I always had in my mined that the Russians had something to do with the downing of this B772 aircraft and yet they veto it out of talks with the world leaders summit. It sounds fishy to me. What goes around will come back around believe me it will
Putin is a dyed in the wool Soviet...I see nothing different with Russia under Putin than what I saw in the 1980s when the Soviets were in power. He partitioned Georgia, stole the Crimea, and is working on partitioning Eastern Ukraine. Nothing new...all so predictable. He would do more if not for fear of sanctions.
ken young 4
Putin is former KGB. His regime has nationalized the oil industry in Russia.
Other businesses are psudo state controlled.
Now, those responsible for the slaughter of over 300 innocent civilians should be charged as international war criminals.
btweston 3
The United States doesn't officially see anything wrong with what Vladimir Putin does. Our chief executive thinks he's a swell guy. Isn't that nice?
ken young 1
This is no place for political hackery.
For the record, you are no being truthful.
Stop it.
Patton was right.
With apologies to Wm. Shakespeare: "The (Russian) president doth protest too much, methinks"
nearLAX 2
Misinformation of the highest order...but Americans fall for it...and with such ease!
Thank goodness there are a few dissenting voices here...
It's important to listen to the earliest reports...the plane wasn't shot down by a missile – such an event would have been spectacularly obvious...BBC reported this, but after being told by the American Overlords, the British vassals deleted the report.
This is what happens when the Rule of Law gives way to the Rule of Men...Truth dies and fools get taken in...
I remember them all from Stalin to Putin. All Russian leaders have been intimidating and bluffers. Don’t Fault Trump for Putin’s land grabbing. Our last President was weak and taken as a fool by Putin.
Putin clearly got an 8 year free ride and took full advantage.
Randy Marco -1
You ignorance is appalling! Go over to faux news and post your drivel!
Russian Trolls, un American? You and your grasp of events are mixed up with “ Alice in Wonderland “.
Your type couldn’t fill the shoes of someone from the 101st much less follow him around all day.
Flynn is guilty of one crime already. He is guilty of lieing to a FBI Agent. That is a crime in itself. The reason he is guilty is he already admitted he lied. You would have thought a General would have known better. When asked he should have said “I don’t recall”. This worked for Hillary every time.
I don't believe this report. Bellingcat is a UK based anti-Russia propaganda outfit. Don't believe this garbarge
This is the man behind "Bellingcat"

Higgins is a member of the "Atlantic Council" a rabidly anti-Russian "think tank" that has long agitated for war against Russia. The American media use Higgins as an "expert" to push their anti Russian narrative on behalf of the neocons and the MIC.
Media's beloved "expert" Higgins wrong again and again and again
15 Minutes of fame over - Eliot Higgins - aka "Bellingcat" is being debunked all over internet by REAL experts and scientists

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ken young 1
You're kidding. Correct?
btweston -5
Do you hang out with Donald Trump?
jon kaplan 3
No, he hangs with Putin
A year's long investigation to find out LTG Flynn was doing his job communicating with Russian counterparts as part of the transition team for a "future" administration. Bombshell of the century for liberals, I know...yeah, some collusion.
btweston 1
Not really. Plus he lied about it. Now he's going to jail unless he starts singing. What a bang up job he did, eh?

How did otherwise normal people find themselves in the position of defending the idiocy that is the Trump administration? I feel for you, man, but it's not too late to change. You don't owe him anything.
ken young 0
Flynn nor anyone else is going to be incarcerated. These charges are "process crimes". A creation of the Special Counsel. Created because of a lack of discovery of any evidence whatsoever the Trump campaign colluded or even communicated with Russia.
Believing does not translate to fact.
Ken YOU are completely gullible & ignorant, trumpf absolutely colluded with Putin; further, being a supporter of trumpf after all that we know about him YOU are Anti-American as well.
saftupelo 0
why is trump hated so much
He’s not hated as much as we are lead to believe. That’s why he’s pres. Has had a historic first year by all accounts. Works harder than any president I’m familiar with. The last couple presidents would be MIA for weeks. He definitely has some big challenges ahead mostly left behind by previous administration’s (at least 4) inactions and failed policies. Most of the people I meet are tickled watching him shake up the status quo. And notice how the haters are the first to call everyone else names and to spread bs. Time will tell but so far he has outperformed all expectations.
Your are truly a sorry soul to not only be oblivious to, but embrace a pathological liar who lies on average 5.5 times/day, is a conman and criminal that has lowest approval rating in modern history, who has worked the least of any President 1/3 of his days in office spent golfing, passed nothing except a tax scam that adds 1.5 trillion in debt which gives those tax breaks to the Billionaires and incentivizes Corporations to build factories OUT of our country NOT here just another lie, has filled his cabinet with Billionaires creating the greatest swamp in the history of this country.  A person that has laundered money for Russian oligarchs for massive personal profit and openly colluded with the Russian's to win the electoral college.

I could go on and on to his egregiousnous but obviously facts are not material to you, so maybe Wallace you are simply a Russian troll, either way you are definitely un-American and a hater of Democracy.
101st Airborne.


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