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Fiji Boeing 737 over Pacific on Oct 11th 2017, loss of cabin pressure

A Fiji Airways Boeing 737-700, registration DQ-FJF performing flight FJ-822 from Christmas Island (Kiribati) to Honolulu,HI (USA), was enroute over the Pacific Ocean about 950 to 600nm south of Honolulu when the crew needed to initiate an emergency descent ( Altro...

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i flew this b738 in 2015 from NFFN to NZAA we had to make a emergency decent to NWWW Tontula New Caledonia as we lost cabin pressure and oxgyem masks were deployed. We were put on a air new zealand b767-319 flight to continue onto Auckland as this flight was enroute from Hawaii AND STOPPED TO PICK US UP ZK-NCG
This aircraft was involved in the same incident leaving BNE for NFFN April 2016 it comes down to bad maintenance in which this little Fijian carrier has this reputation of not maintain there aircraft well. Qantas refuse to carry out maintenance for them as they owe them from long term leases not paid for when the leased there b742's VH-EBQ VH-EBR
joel wiley 1
Hmmm. Maybe the next owner will be Allegiant.
God help us if that happens
This little b738 is nearly 17 years old by memory this Fijian carrier is replacing it with a leased jet from UAL very soon


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