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Britain joins Canada against Boeing and the Trade Commission

Popular opinion against Boeing is threatening multi-billion dollar contracts. Trudeau and May meet early this week to discuss the growing problem with Trumps protectionism and an absurd 300% duty. ( More...

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Randall Kimm 4
Prime Ministers May and Trudeau will sit down too see if the intractable position Boeing put itself in can be resolved. Britain and Canada are looking at options that involve the cancellation of multi-billion dollar contracts in both nation's. Canada is looking at other nations to procure a new fighter aircraft. The F-35 has been described as failing to meet design specifications.Canada stepped back from procurement. The politicians weren't keen on a single engine in the Arctic. So we bought 18 F-18s then Boeing sued Bombardier. A five billion dollar fighter deal wasn't enough because Delta Airlines bought the Bombardier C-Series Regional Jets slightly below market value.

Is it even possible to even negotiate with America in good faith today? They want to renegotiate every trade agreement from the previous administration. Now,incidentally, we have strong physical evidence that Boeing sold it's 737's below market value to generate sales against Airbus. Now Bombardier C-Series is an existential demon. And in its new 787 line Boeing is selling below profitability. In a sense its a case of the pot calling the kettle black. This is an industry wide practice of priming the market.

Boeing got mad because they think the market is laughably their private domain only. They are deluded by the notion that only America can manufacturer airliners. Louis Bleriot demonstrated that was a myth by crossing the English Channel 100 years ago or Canadian's Alcock and Brown flew from Newfoundland to the United Kingdom at night and in ice. Brown climbed out on the wingto chop ice away from the carburetor because the engines kept stalling. Canada has an enormous aerospace heritage of which we all are immensely proud of.

So when Boeing tries to cheat against the home team of Bombardier you have too know Boeing has already lost this war.
linbb -1
They did and continue to do things that are far and above anything Boeing has ever done so get off the soap box. The EU keeps many things going by injecting money into companys lime this on and the charges have been proven by the way.

So your next anti comment or prove what you say rather than keep up the FAKE new.
Randall Kimm 2
OK smart-ass, if you had been paying attention instead of pulling yer knob. If you are an adult and accussing me...of lying, I will file a grievance against you for slander. Besides that, if you hadn't noticed I agree with your position. So pay more attention to detail instead of spouting off at the the participants. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is hardly a PRAVDA orTASS dishonest and rotten to the core.
Stop acting like a "dickhead". I share 95% of your position and opinions.

Randall Kimm 1
You don't get it and you never will. Biology is completely comparable to a broad assortment of new technical innovations. In this respect aviation designs now reflect any extremely diversified market. In this respect the economy evolves with the ebbs and flows of technology that originates from biology. Evolution is really about glacial change it appears to move forward with the continuing theories of dynamic moments of change. Stephen J.Gould and Niles Eldredge thought that evolution moved forward slowly only to be agitated by a theoretical force Punctuated Equilibrium.


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