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First Delta A350 Lands In Atlanta

The first Airbus A350-900 for Delta Air Lines touched down at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport shortly after 1:30 a.m. this morning. ( Altro...

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I believe the A350s will be based in Detroit and fly principally Asian routes, so I will not get to ride on one anytime soon.
744pnf 3
It will fly to U.S.A. destinations for a while for crew training.
liver don 1
Good blessings with your training, 744. The Jumbo is a good ole gal and has done her fans proud.
I had some FE training and sim-time in a 742 a bazillion years ago but nothing operational.
Study well and good blessings towards your career.
I had the pleasure of riding in two Qatar A350s in the past few weeks. If Delta's in-flight service can match the swankiness of their new A350's interiors, they will be a cut above their US competitors. The aircraft itself was impressive. Huge windows and a spacious feeling inside. A quiet and smooth ride from JFK to DOH and back. Granted I would have loved to have experienced the A350 across a stormy Bay of Bengal and Malacca Strait transit. Just had A333 and B773 experiences for that and it's always a turbulent party with those a/c but the 773 handles it well.
liver don 2
The DAL 350s will, indeed, as AndyC stated earlier, be based out of DTW going across the Pacific to Narita, Incheon and Pejing. Delta certainly knows its customer base because Asian flyers ordinarily love Airbuses, as do I, and the planners at DAL know they will make pretty buck from the premium amenities provided even in the Economy area, from what I read.
But why from Detroit instead of SFO or LAX or even LAS?
I don't know Delta's airport / hub licensing so I'm as clueless as a Greyhound bus lavatory custodian when it comes to DALs inner workings but I am wondering why all these 3 A350 Asian routings are from Detroit Metro.
Always a good thing to see Airbuses homebased in the USA. There is nothing better for the evonomy than honest head-to-head competition.


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