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747 Transforms Into Air Force One Replica

A 747 that has been parked at Quonset State Airport in Rhode Island for a couple of years now is being transformed into a replica of Air Force One, according to a local news station. ( Altro...

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Displacing the entire tied down GA fleet to a different and anything but convenient part of the ramp. :-( But they are paying their bills and it is more than the GA fleet were paying for the space.
acmi 1 we know what happened to yet another of the abandoned EZ fleet
sparkie624 1
Very interesting... They did not say if they were going to make it a Flying Museum or just one that is static.... Would be great to take it to different cities and let people go through it!
jmilleratp 0
People who are displeased with whomever is the President at the time they visit are welcome to toss eggs at the aircraft. ;-)
Seems like a waste of money to me.
At least it's private money ... not yours nor mine.


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