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In the Philippines, a Vietnam War-era plane takes center stage fighting ISIS

The OV-10 has been photographed flying in formations over the city in between bombing runs. Initially conceived in the 1960s in the United States, it offered U.S. forces in Vietnam a simple, rugged plane that could carry out close-air support for American troops on the ground and take off from short runways. It remained in service in the U.S. military until the 1990s, undertaking operations in the Persian Gulf War. ( Altro...

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1BabyGirl 4
Cool looking aircraft. We live about 7k, from Clark Air Base in Central Luzon. Have seen a few in our are but just as training flights only.
LW P 3
You don't need fancy and fast for COIN work. Low, slow, and armed to the teeth.
Yazoo 3
I've got about 2400 hours in the OV-10 "A" and "D" models. A great aircraft for the COIN mission. It had more capabilities than most services ever used.
skylab72 2
Amen to "had more capabilities than most services ever used". Today we could use more OV-10s and fewer F-35s...
The Bronco got caught in the USAF insistence that the USArmy have no fixed wings, at a time when the USAF brass thought air-to-mud was not glamorous enough to "attract" funding.
skylab72 2
One of the best ever multi-role acft. We loved them in Viet Nam. Even had a combined-force combat assault once where we shared the LZ with Marines bring in their troops with Broncos! Given an LZ with adequate length they could put troops on the ground as fast as we could with Hueys. And their ordinance delivery is downright comforting.


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