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Fort Lauderdale airport shooting sheriff’s report: We failed to take control, Sheriff's Office says

The 99-page draft report, written by sheriff’s officials, describes how the agency erred from the very beginning in controlling the shooting scene in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2, where five people died and six others were wounded. The initial failures were compounded as false reports of more gunshots 90 minutes later sent travelers stampeding to the exits and onto the tarmac. ( Altro...

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Leon Kay 0
My wife and I have observed many hunters at our International Airport arriving and leaving South Africa with their hunting equipment in rifle cases.
I have always wondered how these cases are controlled and what prevents anyone from bringing in an assault rifle and opening fire at travellers inside the terminal area like the Fort Lauderdale massacre.
john doe 2
"I have always wondered how these cases are controlled and what prevents..." Nothing. In other words, it's the same as a grocery store, casino, city park, or any other public place. There is, however, invariably a considerable law enforcement/security presence at large airports, if that makes you feel any better.
Mike Perry 2
Define 'assault rifle.' Fully-automatic rifles are roughly $10K and up. People spending the time and money buying these are not your worry. And the AR15 demonized on the news is NOT an assault rifle. It's a modern sporting rifle.
Hola equipo buenas noches
Leon Kay 0
"Hi, good night team". Hulle kort nie net 'n goeie dag of nag span nie. Daar moet 'n behoorlike kontrole stelsel in plek wees.
Hola buenos dias equipo vamos por un nuevo dia


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