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Aztec clips semi on approach

Piper Aztec leaves some gear atop semi on approach to K14G ( Altro...

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Ruger9X19 1
Looking @ google maps RWY 9's threshold is very near HWY 53. and there don't appear to be signs warning drivers to be observant for approaching aircraft like similar airports I've seen.,-83.1658662,145a,35y,270h,44.99t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x883bc6b3e1fa0c9f:0xa298077d31100de1!8m2!3d41.3341944!4d-83.1595891
joel wiley 1
I was waiting for a CAP meeting to start at KAJO at dusk in 1967-68. Road at the end of the field controlled by stop sign. A pickup truck stopped there and as he started to roll, an aircraft similar to this one landed short and came bounding out of the shrubbery. It trailed barbed wire that sparked along the runway. It took the pickup about 5 minutes to move again.


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