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7ft tall athlete deemed too tall to fly

This is the moment armed police arrive on board a plane to haul a seven-foot (or 213cm, if you were born post-1980) volleyball player off a plane - for being too tall. The uniformed officers have an animated conversation with the man, who clearly isn't too impressed about being unceremoniously hauled off. Even sitting down, he's the same height as the cops, and when they eventually get him onto his feet, you really start to understand just how imposing his height is. ( Altro...

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indy2001 1
And I thought I have it bad at 6'5". I can't imagine how uncomfortable this guy must be on a 3 1/2 hour flight from Novy Urengoy to Moscow. I'm sure his legs did stick out into the aisles (how did he sit down in the first place) but couldn't they just move him to a seat in the last row where it wouldn't affect anyone in an emergency? There are plenty of athletes who are 7' or taller these days -- how are they able to fly?
Team charter flights or first class, according to my 7'1" friend. Short hauls by team bus or tran.
Mike Mohle 1
Lucky guy. Airline Flying sucks. How about the train?
WOW how did he manage to get through the door while bending over??
Imagine the Police officer saying put your hands up your under arrest. How would he reach the hands
Roy Hunte 1
Get a stepladder, lol
Hi heel shoes with pointers would do


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