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Air Canada New Livery and Uniforms

Air Canada is touting its Canadian credentials as it introduces a fresh look for its staff uniforms and fleet of planes for the first time in a dozen years. The country’s largest airline unveiled its new livery at events for customers and employees on Thursday at airports in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. ( Altro...

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pilotjag 8
I'll be honest, I liked their current livery much better than this. That's just me
canuck44 4
I agree. They get caught up with the marketing fools telling them they have to change at huge is a game played throughout the corporate world. They really have no way to measure whether any of these expensive changes were in fact productive, but 10 years down the road management will get scammed again.

The old is much better....they now look like a US Airways aircraft that has yet to be painted.
Paul Smith 3
I once worked for a major computer hardware manufacturer, in four years they had three corporate logos. It cost them big money to change logos.
I actually agree, partially. I like it better, but I think if they centered the logo on the tail, and kept the leaf logo above the windows it would look much better than it does at the moment..., been a loyal flyer with them for many years, so I will be sad to see this beautiful livery fade into the past:(
All very nice, but doesn’t this scream "tax dollars, bailouts".
Unnecessary in my opinion.
Gudseeds 1
Gudseeds 1
Should have just 'Stole the Canada Goose' from 'Frontier' ! Their not using it anymore I don't think !
Paul Smith 2
Do you mean Herman the goose from North Central Airlines?
Gudseeds 2
Well.. 'Loon' or something ? No, wait.. can't have 'Trump on Our Tail' ! ;o)
It looks fine, I guess, but I expected it to be more, you know, red and white....
wx1996 1
Maybe Delta's new Canadian operation ;)
Didn't they already have that livery in the 90s?
I'll be honest, too: I kinda like it. The black wrap around the cockpit windows seems like a nod to the 70s paint scheme AC used when it painted the bridge of the nose on their jets. Maybe it's the angle of the photos, but in all the unveiling photos I've seen over the last few hours, the paint scheme really makes the 787 look smaller... almost Embraer 175-like.
Well isn't that funny ..I was just thinking its about time for AC to change up their LIVERY.....
Guess I'm the only one here so far that's really diggin' the NEW LIVERY...I like it much better than that comet looking green... Only the dark colour Black , Drk. Green or Drk.Blue???..Now to try and get some promotional item's...
No, I really like it, too. I liked the old, but this is crisp, sophisticated.
iFlyGr8 0
Tom Lyons 1
Thanks for that link. Globe and Mail forgot to actually include an image of the new livery in an article about the new livery.


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