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Incident: Norwegian B738 at Kristiansand on Nov 4th 2016, "racing start"

Here is an odd duck I found at AVHerald. A low speed rejected takeoff, followed shortly by takeoff and flight limited to half it's cruising altitude. Also I think noteworthy is the AVH reporting their efforts to get the story straight. The incident is worth looking into. ( Altro...

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Jim DeTour 2
One thing is for sure. With their departure being 2 hours late the taking a lower altitude for the short flight made up for some of the delay.
Roy Hunte 3
Seems to me like that flight crew needs some more training.
linbb -5
Seems like the commenters need to be in the AC and see what and why it happened instead of in there armchair commenting from afar.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 10
Mr. Hartmann,

Thank you for commenting on a squawk I posted. After reading the AVHerald article could you answer the following questions?

1. Do you think the flight was well and professionally executed?

2. What do you think of the report from a journalistic perspective?
Thank you in advance.
Mr. Sanchez:
I'm curious. In your extensive experience on these boards, (all of "about a month" per your user page), how do you recognize such a perceptible shift in the content of this forum? Unless, of course, you're operating, as many of us suspect, as a facade for the ignominious Peter Hartmann.

Given the content of this, and several of your recent posts, I can conclude no other reality.

Welcome back, Sir! We've missed your arrogance, pomposity, and hubris.
wingbolt 3
I missed him about like I miss a root canal
wingbolt 2
What "down-voting"?


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