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Qantas and Perth Airport in dispute over planned Perth-Europe direct flights

Qantas says that Perth Airport may delay the start of direct flights between Perth and Europe for several years, unless the airport is willing to enable international operations from Terminals 3 and 4 (T3 and T4), instead of Terminal 1 (T1). The airline is currently planning the initial routes for its much anticipated fleet of new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which will be delivered from 2017. The airline believes that direct services between Perth and London Heathrow are possible with the new… ( Altro...

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Qantas estimates would cost about $25 million and could be implemented in 18 months
Perth Airport estimates the cost at $45 million no comment on how long.?
My estimate if Qantas say 25 mil and 18 months and Perth International say 45mil
My guestimate 60-90 million and 10 years+ to complete as it happens every time Colin Barnett signs on the dotted line everything possible goes wrong, budgets get blown outa wack(sometimes by double or more). And eta on completion gets dragged out year after year with excuse after excuse always the fault of some poor bugger won't take blame himself. Our airport (Perth, YPPH, PER) still is currently in the process of major upgrades, they haven't even got a move on with the "infamous 3rd Runway" yet. So if Qantas thinks they.. (Perth AIrport/Colin Barnett) are going to be making any changes any time soon say in the next 5 years at least it simply not going to happen. I'm Speachless trying to get my head around how Perth Airport has offered Qantas a very generous multi-million dollar "incentive package" to keep using T1.
I can't wait to see the day where Perth Airport has its long awaited 3rd runway all the up-grades in place are finished and completed on budget(or close to)and everything done on time, tested, bugs squashed! and is running safely and smoothly with increased flights.. it would be a joy to take the family even if it is just to watch the planes come in or have a meal you watch the flights takeoff 🛫 and land 🛬
Thanks James Moreton.
Perth Airport does estimate it will cost about $50 million and take about 10 years. Qantas wants it to be completed in 18 months otherwise they will go over east and look for other airports. Personally, I think that this is a great opportunity for Perth and Perth Airport (YPPH, PER) and that Perth Airport should cooperate with Qantas to see the 787-9 Dreamliner from Perth -Europe direct.
Thanks for the comment.
Yes, DO go and have a meal at the newly opened Crafty Swan restaurant. The Head Chef is a very good friend of the family! ;)


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