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Legendary aviator Bob Hoover flies west

Oft-cited as "the greatest stick and rudder man who ever lived," Bob Hoover flew fighters in WWII before becoming a test pilot after the war, and later becoming well-known for his "energy management" airshow routine, flying a Rockwell Commander through aerobatics with the engines shut down. He was 94. ( Altro...

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Can you picture Bob and Preacher right now? Wonder if they're in the Shrike, Mustang or 757?

And to think the FAA gave both of these great men mountains to cross to keep their medicals.
allench1 8
Wayne Bookout aka Preacher1 is still missed by his any friends in the aviation community, thanks for bringing his life to light again, will always miss his posts as we grew up in the same time of early commercial jet age.
Preacher and I shared many emails giving support to each other. I miss my friend. Doesn't seem possible its been almost a year. This place hasn't been the same since.
allench1 3
I could not agree more, i live in Destin Florida and flew up many times to visit and we would talk about flying the DC8-61, 707 convair 880, etc.HE IS MISSED BY MANY. Again thanks for your post bringing him to the forefront again.
A great old pilot RIP
linbb 7
Bob may you rest in peace fly in blue sky always. You gave great joy to all who knew and watched your performance.
One of the very best.
Bob and his buddy Chuck Y. will always be idols of mine. Fly on!
jwmson 5
Bob, welcome to the land of eternal VFR.
One of the worlds greatest pilot! I attended many of his shows and always watched in awe! We have lost a true master of the skies... Rest in peace Bob.
jaymeinen 4
Not only was he a great pilot, but a true gentleman. I loved watching him fly and hearing him speak.
RIP Bob. I thought of you the other day. I never had the privilige of seeing you fly but know you inspired many of us.
bbabis 4
A great Aviator has passed. I loved to watch him fly and always enjoyed his talks. Thank you sir for the memories that fanned the coals of many dreams to fly. Blue skies and tailwinds.
One angel that brought his own wings.
I was lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time with Bob. He is one of my aviation hero's and a true gentleman. RIP Bob you will be missed!
Egadnow 3
The two Criminal FAA inspectors who conspired to have his medical revoked were not typical of the honest inspectors, unfortunately those who ran the FAA, at that time, were equally guilty!
Dr. Jim.
I remember watching him fly his North American Rockwell Shrike Commander 500S at the El Toro Airshow. How impressive as he did loops and rolls with both engines off and landed and rolled up to the crowd for a perfect stop.
Bob was one of my heroes. I met him years ago at Oshkosh and even had a drink with him at a local restaurant. He will be missed!!
I saw his energy management show in Paris in the late 60's and it was unbelievable.
...had the great privilege to meet Bob in ' on man, fly on...
...Reached out his hand, and touched the face of God.
BigBook 1
Most interesting man in the world for real.
Yes. I saw him do that Flight at Pensacola in the 70's. The Blue Angels team was absolutely dumbfounded. He was an amazing pilot and a nice person. RIP, Bob.
Margeaux K 0
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US Aviation Hero Who Escaped Nazis in Their Own Plane Dies

One of America's greatest aviation heroes has died, reports Yahoo. Bob Hoover, a World War II fighter pilot who escaped the Nazis by stealing one of their planes, died of congestive heart failure Tuesday near Los Angeles, reports the Washington Post.


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