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Photos: Spirit Airlines Becomes First U.S. Carrier to Receive an Airbus A320neo

On Saturday, Spirit Airlines became the first airline in the U.S. to receive an Airbus A320neo, when the aircraft arrived from Toulouse via Goose Bay. When Spirit puts the neo into service in early November, it will become the third operator in the Americas. ( Altro...

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Where are they getting money to buy/lease 55 of the Airbus 320neo they have on order?Do that many people fly them?
JD345 4
I'm sure the money comes from the Reading Light Fee, Barf Bag Fee, Seat Reclining Fee, Window Shade Fee...
iflyifr 1
Don't forget the jetway fee!
Sadly, there are enough people that do. That is probably the reason we are seeing a race to the bottom as far as seatspace and service in most airlines.
JD345 1
People seriously wear four changes of clothes on the plane with these guys. Unbelievable.
People actually fly that airline?
jcinnb 4
Me too -- once too many!
jeff slack 5
Not going to make them a better carrier.................they are far from being an airline.

Referring to Spirit as an airline is like calling your local Fish and Chip shop a can hardly call Spirit an Airline.
They are just a carrier who now has NEOs to pack.

Good for them.
honza nl 3
McDonalds is also a typical US restaurant; so the US is full of companies who only compete on price instead of quality....
JD345 4
The good news is you're on a brand new A320neo. The bad news is you have to pay an extra $85 to find out where you're going.
Frank Vila -1
I would not fly that airline it all with its neo ridicules policies.
You are really wrong.
Works pretty and you pay for what you really need.
At others pay for services you don't use.
It is the future.


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