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Keeping the SR-71 Blackbird (the World's First Stealth Plane) Secret Was Near Impossible

There are few secret projects like U.S. Air Force black projects, and that was certainly the case for the famed SR-71 Blackbird. ( Altro...

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JJ Tyson 2
When Tom Clancy released his book, "The Hunt for Red October", the U.S Navy was highly critical of revelations in the book about their nuke subs. They accused him of somehow procuring and using secret information. Clancy, a voracious reader, calmly pointed out he had picked up all his information digging through trade journals.
Ed Merriam 1
also happened with "Dr. Strangelove": the set designers managed to recreate a B-52 cockpit without anyone having seen one
Bob Hirsch 1
Some former coworkers with a background in classified projects once suggested that Aviation Week might better be called "Aviation Leak."
Another good example of aggregate information.
This article illustrates why we (I work in a DOD agency) receive quite a bit of training on handling non-classified information, and how little bits and pieces of information can add up.
Lots of folks don't realize what you're touching on. The whole is made up of many many little parts. If you can gather enough little parts you eventually have the whole or at least a best guess of what the whole is.

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Thank you. Thank you very much.


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