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An Inflight Review & Inside Look Southwest Airlines' New Cabin

The new "Heart" passenger cabin provides Southwest Airlines' customers and cabin crews a look and feel of the future. ( Altro...

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The cabin interior is called "Heart" and the predominant color is BLUE??
Those new seats may look uncomfortable, but I can tell you from personal experience that they aren't bad at all. Most of my domestic flights are on Southwestn but I've logged many miles on other legacy carriers, and Southwest's new seats are superior to theirs. I recently flew to Europe on B-747-8 tourist class, and the trip was shear torture - cramped, squished, compacted and darn right claustrophobic. Flying today isn't as comfortable as it was in the past, but if I have to fly, my first choice will always be SWA !
Looks about as comfortable as a park bench - dead flat seat - no lumbar support - head support that pushes neck into an abnormal forward lean. Great for less weight no doubt.
Mike Boote 2
Yes, it's blue, and looks darned uncomfortable.
Rick Rump 1
I was on N8687A a couple of weeks ago which just got delivered with this. Maybe the fact I am short is why I did not find it so bad? *shrugs*


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