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First Airbus Made in U.S. Rolls Out of the Alabama Final Assembly Line

The first US-Built Airbus has rolled out of the Final Assembly Line in Alabama and is ready to receive its paintjob, prior to delivery to JetBlue in early Spring. ( Altro...

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What is the ceo option? I knew there was neo for new engine option but is ceo a misprint or a new variant?
It stands for "current engine option".
This is just a fancy way for saying it uses the "old" engine.
It stands for "conventional engine option"
I thought it was 'classic' engine option. No bother. All semantics for 'old engine'. Anyone have an idea why they've built a new facility in the US and aren't exclusively building NEO's? Seems odd to me.
I believe there is a sufficient backlog of ceo type orders from U.S. carriers to warrant production of them in Alabama.
btweston -6
She'll be ready to fly as soon as they clean up the dip spit and remnants of Soldier of Fortune magazines from the moving parts.
ken young 6
gee...that's clever...And elitist.
Even small minds are permitted to have opinions....
ken young 1
The OP was poking fun because the aircraft was assembled in Alabama. I hit back. And?


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