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Southwest 1665 Sacramento - Denver diverts to Oakand

SWA 1665 diverted to Oakand due to a reported mechanical problem. Details currently limited. ( Altro...

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joel wiley 6

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BaronG58 14
Southwest averages 3500 flights each day. Occasional off week not alarming to me. Do the math. Percentages definitely in Southwest's favor.
bentwing60 4
Right on! Best U.S. airline in my book, followed closely by Alaska. The one I wouldn't get on beginning with an S is?, you guessed it, Spirit!
strickerje 0
I wouldn't fly Spirit either, but that's more because of the 28" pitch than anything else... :)

Also, why would an eastbound (SMF-DEN) flight make an emergency landing west of its origin?
joel wiley 1
Appears to have been a pressurization issue. Note the altitude on the graph of the flight (posted elsewhere). Perhaps Oakland had an o-ring in stock?
Oakland isn't that far.
strickerje 2
Makes sense. I just figured it'd return to SMF, but I'm not that familiar with Southwest's operations at either location.
bentwing60 1
Maintenance base would be my guess.
linbb 6
Get overy yourself as things happen to the best maintained AC out there. All that one hears is people whining to me.


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