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Disabled elderly passenger brought to tears as flight attendant kneels down to feed him

Airline passengers on a flight from Zhengzhou to Hainan in south China, were moved when they noticed one of the flight attendants feeding a man with disabilities, bringing him to tears. The moment was captured on December 8, Fan Xuesong knelt down and fed the 71-year-old named Mr Niu, who recently suffered from a stroke and is unable to grip a spoon to eat, reports The People's Daily Online. Speaking to reporters after the photos of the touching moment moved millions in China, flight… ( Altro...

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Wow. Great story.
linbb 3
A person being a human being and caring about others what one gives one gets back somewhere some how. This is the case here.
Pileits 3
How nice, pleasant news for once, REFRESHING and nice to see the photo's as well.
This type of woman was the rule on US airlines, but compassion was replaced by selfishness on the part of many FA's.

One is more likely to be served by someone like Ms Fan on a Chinese airline because they actively seek persons with these qualities.

United, Delta, Southwest, or American would do well to hire her to be a customer service executive.
pjshield 2
Couldn't have been said any clearer. But F/As with US carriers are treated poorly by their employers (exception for SWA) and the attitude runs long and deep. When the CEOs finally realize that the the flying public's longest connection with the airline is thru the F/As, they'll be treated more equitably. Attitudes flow from the top and spread out at the bottom.


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