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(Video) What happens when an airplane hits a bird

Poor birdie. If you ever wondered what would happen if an airplane and a bird hit each other head on, here it is. It doesn’t end up exactly how you think it would. Well, it kind of does as in the bird loses but it is a little surprising in how high and straight the bird bounces in the air after hitting the nose of the jet. Poor birdie. ( Altro...

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that bird never had a chance - it the plane did not get it the wind turbines in the background would have!
Indeed the bird didn't have a chance. The wind turbines in the background catch surprisingly few birds. Some comments suggested a lack of bird control on AMS. I have to defend the bird control department. They do a very good job, but crows are very difficult to scare away. Usually they scare everybody else away (scarecrow.....)
The youtube video has been removed.
Too bad they didn't show a closeup of the part of the plane that hit the bird.
joel wiley 1
Interesting, its flight path in the turbulence (or is that plight path?)
Mike Mohle 1
Thinning of the herd. How could it not see that big ol bird coming at it at 140 kts?


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