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The 13 Most Beautiful Airliners of All Time

Sleek, streamlined and Beautiful, these are 13 of the most aesthetically pleasing machines ever created. ( Altro...

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preacher1 2
Lived in Lawton OK for awhile as a kid and we were under the flight patch for the Airport. Would see a Connie of some type come over at leaat twice a week with a load of fresh meat for Ft. Sill.

All that was said about the 757 is an understatement. Very true but still an understatement. I guess after 23 years of flying one, I am a tad prejudice.
bentwing60 1
The artist rendering of the VC10 is a far cry from the actual metal flying version. Won't comment on it's beauty in real life but the picture is very sexy.
I liked the anz Jumbo's they had Lord Of the Rings Jets and the SIA Tropical jet no perished they were great colour schemes
leeyein501 1
The MAS Boeing 747-400 also was a lovely colouring. But the best one I have seen which might be retired or still active if anyone can tell me was the little Boeing 737 The Simpsons aircraft and the ANA Pokomon 747-300 747-400 ARE THEY STILL AROUND LET ME NO PEOPLE.
CONCORDE! Failing that, VC-10. OK, British built and designed but to the eye, just glorious. I once had the privilege to ride upon Concorde on a short hop from BHX to CDG, short if a 60 minute cruise over Bay of Biscay, however it was a thrill never to be forgotten.

I regret however that not being of an age and not being a member of UK military, never to experience riding the wonderfully glorious and noisy VC-10....ho hum, never mind.
Jennifer - I did fly on a Super VC10 (G-ASGG) LHR/YMX Oct '76. Somewhat cramped but very quiet with all the engine noise left behind. Return was on an Air Canada B747 and I swore I'd never fly transatlantic on a narrow bodied jet again.
Disappointed to see that the Vickers Viscount was not mentioned. I flew on this aircraft many times and loved the views from the large windows and the roar of the four Dart engines - an iconic aircraft many of which were in service in the States & Canada.
How did the AN-2 make the cut? Where is the 727 or the Dassault Mecure?
preacher1 1
I am especially curious as how the 757 did not get in there.
preacher1 1
My bad, it was toward the last and I just forgot it.


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