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Slowest Pass of an SR-71 Blackbird

Retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Brian Shul relates the story of a low-altitude pass of a Blackbird SR-71. Low-speed, too ... only 152 knots ... I was surprised not to have found it here on FlightAware already. (originally posted to Sierra Hotel Aeronautics' Facebook page, but https: protocol not supported in squawk links?) ( Altro...

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So, the cadets were like \(^o^)/ and the Blackbird crew were like O_o. Awesome story.
oowmmr 2
I can picture that perfectly timed...mmm-er, pass!!! Beautiful Blackbird.
eric dufay 1
Brian Shul was the speaker at an event I attended a few years back in Colorado for the Colorado Aviation Business Association. He had some great stories about flying the SR-71 and since we were all aviation folks he really got into some great stories that he normally doesnt tell. Truly a great experience.
jbqwik 1
Tracked this bird doing Idaho/Pacific coast/Cali training runs, 1966: 85K+ feet, 2250+ spd. Awesome then, awesome now.
linbb 2
Several times a month there would be a sonic boom in south eastern WA state. Learned later it was an SR71 getting ready to turn final for Beal AFB in CA. The turn was made over Seattle WA. Just a little trivia I learned from the fellow in charge of maintenance there at Beal if I spelled it right.
jbqwik 1
linbb, you are correct. The runs ran east-to-west, roughly paralleling the Columbia, and a huge arc over the Pacific, then south into Cali. It takes almost as long to type this as it did for the SR-71 to fly it. We had never before seen symbology moving across the display at such speed other than missiles.
siriusloon 0
Google what other SR-71 pilots and unit commanders think of Shul. Just sayin'.
I didn't really find too much that was negative. But given the personality he seems to have--and by that I mean a guy who survives a fiery crash, is near death, recovers, and has the determination to completely recover and return to active flying is likely to be fairly convinced of his own opinions--I wouldn't be surprised if he polarizes people.

What the heck, to be a pilot (and I am NOT one) you have to have a pretty determined nature, right? It doesn't have to alienate people, but it can.

No offense intended to any here.


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