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Boeing Takes A Dreamliner Vertical While Rehearsing For The Paris Air Show

You need to watch Boeing’s crack team of display pilots put this 787-9 Dreamliner through its paces during a practice flight preparing for the upcoming Paris Air Show. ( More...

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joel wiley 20
Looks like your average 20R departure from KSNA over the coastal properties of the rich and whiny.
Pileits 6
Back in the day i HATED that noise abatement departure but I did my best to fly it as charted knowing my airline would get some sort of fine if I flew it wrong and I would have been on the carpet in the chief pilots office.

Must have done it right, never got a call to come in!
Brien Godfrey 1
It's 32 departure from KMWH and it's over Central Washington which is a farming community that's known as the Columbia Basin (Columbia River is 30nm to West). We're not rich or whiny at all just to let you know.
joel wiley 2
Brien, I was referring to the semi vertical climb off the runway that is similar to getting out of John Wayne (KSNA) which lobs the A/C up and over the coastal properties, then cutting the engines back keeping quiet to avoid offending the coastal folks below (AKA the rich and whiny). Pretty country there on the Columbia Plateau.
dee9bee 1
With the airline, I only got to go into SNA in the MD80. Not achieving Vr until reaching the last 1000 feet of the runway was not nearly as exhilarating :-)
First time I did that takeoff as a passenger, I truly thought we had lost the engines. I caught air in my seat (just like on a roller coaster!) Fortunately, the person seated next to me was used to it and calmed me down.
The second time, the captain warned everyone so it was a much more pleasant experience. I just channeled Disney's California Screamin' ...
How do they fit their balls in the cockpit?
30west 6
Use a wheelbarrow!
Jerry Rader 4
I have an idea that the loads imposed on this lightly loaded airplane during this maneuver were less than the loads experienced during a normal takeoff with a load of passengers and full fuel. It looks very impressive but probably not very dangerous and nowhere near the structural limits of the airplane. Would like to see it from the ground with a side view!
744pnf 3
The wonders of a telephoto lens.
scoee1 3
Yup...vertical. Here's a longer video version of the rehearsal.
rebecka veil 2
dee9bee 2
Neat video. I think good timing and a fair amount of telephoto helped a lot.
Arun Nair 2
There has got to be some camera trick / perception stunt involved in this! I am sure the takeoff is at a very steep angle, but vertical? Not sure...
No angle tricks just an excellent airplane and excellent pilots that know there flight envelope like there living room.
Frank Harvey 2
If it isn't a camera trick I hope Boeing extensively wind tunnel tested the nacelle design relative to the potential airflow impact in sudden and dramatic attitude changes before authorizing this stunt. It looks fantastic when it works out as it did, but what would be the effect of a nacelle or compressor stall/surge on one engine during this maneuver ? Are rudder size and single engine thrust adequately balanced for asymmetric flight in this profile ?
Mike Mohle 2
Francis smith 3
did we forget this. Now this was a stunt.
Dennis Harper 1
The funny thing was MSNBC host Alex Waggoner saying she will never book a flight on this airplane. She and other show panelists actually said they don't want to endure this sort of behavior exhibited by 787-9 pilots.
iflyfsx 1
There's no cure for stupidity.
oowmmr 1
Heck of a zoom-speed to altitude.
Jerry Rader 1
It looks like this practice flight was made at Moses Lake in Washington.
joel wiley 1
Just report it and down vote it. -10 and it disappears til FA deletes it.
Gary Baker 1
Do you suppose it was fully loaded? Do you suppose it was Manually Flown?
randomguy 1
No. Yes.
Jim Smirh 1
I'm pretty sure you are correct about Moses Lake, but it's been several decades since I took an ATP check ride in a brand new 737-200 there. It's a convenient, un-congested, and usually CAVU location for the folks getting trained by Boeing. I don't remember doing any takeoffs like that one, however! Although I was probably more excited while at the controls than these experts! LOL!
The Boeing press release I saw said it was Moses Lake, Washington.
Sweet! Boeing built an aircraft that can bank left and right...oh and take off vertical for for few hundred feet! Sorry to burst your bubbles but all certified airplanes can do that. At a different scale of course
Actually, an Airbus wouldn't allow the plane to do that since the flight computers have various protections that would kick in. They do have a "Direct Law" mode but I don't know if I pilot can easily force the computers in that mode.
Dee Lowry 1
Who would have thought that a 707 Dash-80, driven by Tex Johnston, could do a Barrel Roll in 1955 in Seattle? I think the newest member of the Boeing family, the 787 Dreamliner, is more than capable of doing a Vertical 60 years later.
Perhaps the headline should not have used the giveaway "crack". It can have that effect.
ko25701 1
Some of us Po folk don't like the noise either. The rich might be paying for tickets on your shiny airplane so just say thanks for fly bla-bla airline and smile.
ko25701 1
Living near CHS, were Boeing has it's second 787 factory, it's common to see a 787 doing a steep climb takeoff. I've seen it several times as they test new planes not even fully painted with airline markings.
8literbeater 1
Vertical, you know, 45°.
Rex Beesley 1
Clever filming. If you turn off that naff music it's just a guy flying a plane around.Nice paint though.
I gotta say, that Was AWESOME to see....I don't know if I'd have the courage to try that, in ANYTHING OTHER than a 787
Marcus Pradel 1
Me too, remember that AirBus was prohibited from even trying to match Boeing's demo at the Farnborough Show!
jim swisher -4
Should have showed aircrew pounding books for flight demo; not walking. No aircraft of line will ever do this. Thrust vs weight equals speed. I can make any rock go vertical for awhile. B-52 Fairchild AFB you tube shows weight vs 8 engines thrust to failure. Airspeed always rules. Planned well. Useless info. What was final tire rotation speed and how much runway used? Off center runway later push indicates, they had to get a wing back flying. The other stuff in clip is just cruising. Ballsy though. What if engine out during stunt...? Immellmann would have made me smile. USN A-3 J-57's with light weight rule. Let's Whale... Heavy.
Peter Doll 3
I can get a rock vertical too, but it don't look near as pretty. As Tex said, 'I'm selling airplanes." Lighten up and enjoy the ride.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Jerry Rader 1
What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? If you don't want to comment on the primary article about airplanes, what's the point?
Tiggerflute 2
We should all report "comments" like the the one from
Queen Dock as spam. This same one as appears in another one of this week's comment forums. I have reported these to Flight Aware. Pure spam. The perpetrators should be sought, identified and barred from the website.
Meanwhile, I think the 787 is the most graceful, beautiful commercial plane ever.
Miles Fink 1
If the 787 could do it, Imagine if they did it with the 747-8 or the 777-9X


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