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Turkish plane makes emergency landing over engine fire

A Turkish Airlines plane bound for Milan made an emergency landing at Istanbul on April 25 after one its engines caught fire. All passengers and members of the crew were immediately evacuated after the Airbus 320 landed safely at Istanbul's Ataturk airport, Doğan News Agency reported. Turkey’s state-run TRT television showed the plane landing at Atatürk Airport, leaving a trail of sparks and smoke behind it. ( Altro...

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Max Perry 2
More like "crashed safely"... that'll not just buff out.
linbb 1
Looks more like a landing gear failure rather than an engine fire as it occurred after landing. The engine was dragging from the time it touched down.
I had the same question after the first view. Fire doesn't appear until after plane reappears from view obstruction.
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Turkish Airlines Emergency Landing Video

As found on LiveLeak. Shaky video but quite interesting.
Jan F 0
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Turkish plane goes around, lands safely

A Turkish Airlines plane damaged its engine attempting to land, forcing it to go around.


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