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Stabbing at New Orleans airport

A security incident occurred at Louis Armstrong International Airport on Friday night, closing down Lousiana's largest airport. ( Altro...

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According to latest reports the assailant - who was armed with a machete - has been shot dead by police.

Picture of the dead assailant and with the machete lying nearby.

Assailant identified as 63 year old Richard White of Kenner. Police say White sprayed TSA agents with Wasp spray before attacking with a machete. White is described as a former taxi driver with little or no history of crime.

It appears that earlier reports that the suspect was killed were incorrect. He was transferred to Hospital "unresponsive" and is undergoing surgery.
bentwing60 3
You like this story, Eh. Maybe he will remain "unresponsive" and we won't have to prosecute him!
joel wiley 1
He has done his part for reducing the recidivism rate according to the local news.
canuck44 1
Taxpayer Relief Shots


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