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Venezuela may lose another connection

According to comments made by a European airline's leadership, Venezuela could be losing another link to the outside world. ( Altro...

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Jon Madden 1
Don't change the subject. You asked for a name; I gave you two. Do your own damned research.
There's nothing "liberal" about the Venezuelan government.
canuck44 1
One has to ask "What took so long?" There are only about 50K Italians left in the country and currency restrictions tie up most of the income. On the other hand, Brazil has over 3Million Italians, no currency restrictions and a strong economy.

Thomas Sowell's Book "Migrations and Cultures" devotes a whole section on Italian migration around the world, second only to the Germans. Fascinating and logical triggered by the end of the slave trade.
Italians, perhaps just a bit behind Spaniards and Portuguese make up for the largest immigrant communities in Venezuela. Keep in mind there is a larger still population of 2nd and 3rd generation Italian-Venezuelans, with deep family and economical roots in the continent who will have to relay on more expensive and time consuming US based connections to get there. I believe the reason to cut the Venezuelan connection is less motivated on a shrinking market, which I doubt, and more in the cumbrous currency exchange practices applied to the airline sector (foreign and domestic).
Venezuela is a perfect example of what happens when liberal politicians redistribute wealth by simply taking from those who produce in a society, and give it to those who do not produce, and have no desire to work.

The government nationalized utilities, and compensated only token amounts for the property seized. In general aviation they have taken airports, aircraft, and business associated with aviation like FBO's and component suppliers. Many people regularly travelled in light twins between Caracas (downtown airport, not the one by the beach) were kicked out of the airport (government use only now) and found it difficult to purchase fuel and get exit permits.

As the economy spirals down the drain it becomes more like Timbuktu. No one wants to go either place.
Venezuela is not run by "liberals". It is run by socialists carrying a socialist agenda which includes nationalization of some companies. Socialism is a specific socio-economic political system. Being a " liberal" DOES NOT make one a socialist. Educate yourself BEFORE uttering nonsensical comparisons.
Sure they are liberals. If you like some want to call liberalism "Progressive;" <poof> the genie just made you a Progressive.

On the political spectrum learned people have established a visual with liberals on the left, and conservatives on the right. Many foreign countries practice a wide spectrum politically, and that is how writers like Karl Marx are accommodated. The USA really has just a sliver of spectrum called "social democracy" by some. There are both left and right wing social democracy labels, with interestingly enough most Americans buzzing around the center. Pres. Obama has used fiat to push the left boundary into Marx's territory with his mandatory health care scheme, and ignoring Federal law concerning deportation of illegal aliens.
liberalism believes in centralizing money and power...they believe that the government should be empowered to solve all problems......they use any crisis or appearance of inequality to justify the growth of (corrupt) centralized government.....the mindset of the liberal/progressive is basically totalitarian as a result......they do not believe in empowering the individual except themselves and believe that the needs of the state override the needs of the individual.......EVERY liberal/progressive policy iOS based on the Marxist statement that 'all profit(except theirs) is ill begotten and it is up to an all knowing all loving highly centralized government to give it back to it's rightful victim owners' how is being a liberal different from being a socialist or a communist or a marxist or a national socialist? It's not.
This discussion has gotten an interesting etymologocal twist. I sincerely recommend participants to name things by their true names. The party of malcontents that rule Venezuela espouse a Marxist-Lenninist COMMUNIST ideology, forget the leftist democratic, constitutional undertones that "liberals" carry because there are none in effect in that country's politics. I presume that your intent is to bridge that situation with what is now happening in the States under a no strings attached, negro with a muslim name president who reactionaries see as the boogeyman but who's supporters don't believe in anymore. Obama has proven without doubt that in USA's politics the tail can't realistically intend to wag the dog.
@Jon..a marvelous and factually accurate response. The realities of a planned economy are deadly. I refer to the 3 S's of socialism...Shortages...Slavery (just try changing your job) and Secret Police. Cuba, Venezuela's icon is a total shambles. Friedrich Hayek has absolute clarity over socialism's consequences.
@Jon S.
Just get hold of a communist manifesto and READ it; then, and only then will you LEARN the difference. An example of a country that practices Marxism is Cuba. Name a single "liberal" who believes the US must follow Cuba's model. Many people take the right wing propaganda as FACTS. Serious intellectual inquiry has disappeared.
ken young 2
HA....All of the lib/progressive/socialists in the US want to go to a western European style socialist medical system. They want high taxes, confiscation and redistribution of wealth and central planning.
Venezuela is a complete and utter disaster. The Chavez regime made promises to the people that if elected Chavez would strike a blow against the wealthy. He did just that. 70% of Venezuelan's lived in poverty before Chavez....Today 70% of the Venezuelans live in poverty. The economy is in shambles because Chavez essentially stole all of the assets of large companies that provided jobs. Investors ran away. Now there is more to steal. No one else to tax.
I would not set up a fruit stand in Venezuela.
To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher...'Socialism works great...until you run out of other people's money.'
Jon Madden 1
"Name a single "Liberal" who believes the US must follow Cuba's model". Ahem; Michael Moore, and he has stated so, MANY times. I would also imagine Sean Penn longs for that model also, based on his track record. Done!
Give us a VERIFIABLE quote or a video link we can check for ourselves (unless you hear it from Rush Limbaugh, a certified dope head and demagogue). I, incidentally, noticed that you omitted President Obama and the entire Democrat leadership that is usually accused of being "Communists" by the right wing.
ken young 1
Read Peter Schweizer's "DO as I Say" (not as I do) Profiles in liberal hypocrisy..All quotes and facts are foot noted with sources included.


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