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Delta Air Lines posts loss after fuel hedging, upbeat on new year

Delta Air Lines Inc said on Tuesday it lost $712 million in the fourth quarter largely due to fuel hedge settlements, although the carrier topped analysts' estimates and offered positive outlook for the start of 2015 ( Altro...

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Not only do I not feel sorry for delta, I am ecstatic that a lot of futures traders are going broke.
pilotjag 1
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Delta Air Lines Announces December Quarter Results

Delta Air Lines (DAL) today reported financial results for the December 2014 quarter
Stupid, stupid and more stupid. A hedged transaction, when done properly, is a risk free transaction. In stock transactions buying the stock and selling a call against the stock is a hedged transaction or sometimes called a covered transaction. Companies that receive large amounts of foreign currencies may hedge this influx of currency by selling a currency future and thus avoid the risk of currency transactions. To lose $712 million of their stockholders money in a hedge should result in some management changes. If you believe that anyone at Delta will even feel this $712 million loss let alone suffer from it then you still believe in Santa Claus.
Matha Goram -2
So it wasn't a hedge exactly?


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