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Small plane crashes into a home near Midway Airport

The Chicago Fire Department confirms the plane crashed into the home at 6511 S. Knox Avenue just before 3 a.m. this morning ( Altro...

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STLPilot2 2
This article calls the plane a "turboprop" and the NY Daily News reported it as a small jet. It is an old piston powered Commander. Doesn't this lead you to severely question the efficacy of the press.
I agree completely, especially when the photos clearly show N30MB and they could have just looked here: . And it's not as if that FAA site is some insider thing either; in a simple Google search for "lookup airplane number" it's the first result. It's not that hard to get these things right; it's as if they're not even trying.
joel wiley 2
Or just plug N30MB into Google.
Avi8tor2 2
I used to fly for this company several years ago and it was indeed a very old, Twin Piston, Aero Commander 500B or possibly U model aircraft. These aircraft fly really well on one engine however, I'm not going to do any "Monday morning Quarter Back" preaching. Here is a link to another article that is somewhat accurate in its details of the accident.
Craig G 2
This is the kind of Aircraft that crashed according to the news report on Yahoo: Aero Commander 500 cargo jet. An Aero Commander 500 Jet?
I thought these were Piston Powered?
It is not surprising to me that the media would get something completely wrong in an aviation story. This was in fact a twin piston.
Well Damn... they didnt waste time reassigning that flight number to another aero commander. The show must go on I guess..
For the media to get the facts right on this story would require practicing an ancient art that long ago fell into disuse and neglect... journalism.
How do you listen if you're not a member?
joel wiley 1
The registration number is N30MB
this may be the flight:
Looks like it was actually operating as Central Commuter flight CTL62 at the time --

We received only two actual positions for that flight, at altitudes of 77 and 117 feet.
That's 77 and 117 MPH, not feet. 800 feet was the altitude.
You're correct. We should make those column header alignments less confusing :)
August 2,, I'm thinking that's not the flight.
joel wiley 1
oops, my bad, shoulda looked a third time.
NTSB preliminary report states that the pilot elected to make left traffic while attempting to return to Midway. That was 3 left hand turns he made with a failed left engine. Isn't that just begging for a VMC roll? I don't get it.
kyle estep 0
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Central Air Southwest crash

A CAS AeroCommander crashed after takeoff at MDW this morning
Craig G 0
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Small Plane Crashes Into Chicago Home

A small plane crashed into a Chicago home early this morning, with the pilot’s condition unknown and no one from the home believed to be injured, authorities said.
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Plane crashes into house, 8 inches from sleeping Chicago couple

CHICAGO • A small twin-engine cargo plane crashed into a home on Chicago's southwest side Tuesday, killing the pilot but sparing a couple who were asleep just inches away.


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