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Bombardier adds 40 firm CSeries orders, shares rise

TORONTO (Reuters) - Bombardier Inc (BBDb.TO) said on Friday that aircraft leasing company Macquarie AirFinance had signed a firm agreement to buy 40 of the Canadian manufacturer's new CSeries jets, with an option for 10 more. ( Altro...

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There are rumours that in the next few weeks Bombardier will paint the exact outline of London City Airport's runway on one of Mirabel's runways in order to start testing the concept and getting certified for a New York-London City service in an all business class cabin. The CSeries should be able to do both flights without the need for a refuelling stop, and because of the low noise level should not be affected by night time noise limits. Let's see how this works out. Mirabel is the airport north of Montreal where Bombardier is based.
I notice on FR24 a lot of Bombardier test flights over southern Quebec and Ontario that are using Mirabel for approach practice.
Phil Knox 2
They always fly out of Mirabel during the testing phase! They have an assembly plant there.
sparkie624 7
Congrats to Bombardier...
Purdue13 7
I think it's very interesting how many orders are coming in for the new CSeries. EVERYONE was talking down Bombardier and talking about how they were going out of business and that this new jet would never catch on. Good for them to disprove the critics and to keep on trucking.
Of course their competition will lie and create rumors. Bombardier has been to the fair before too.
michadm1 6
Good news for Pratt & Whitney as well considering the engine problem.


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