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Drones came close to two planes near La Guardia in July

One encounter required an airliner to take evasive action. The FAA needs to require these drones to be registered at the time of purchase or resale. So if one does cause an aircraft to crash perhaps the owner can be tracked from the done's remnants. ( Altro...

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preacher1 1
I gots a stupid question. Some aren't but most of these so far are line of sight and operated just as a radio controlled plane. What's the difference. FAA doesn't watch over RC step by step.
I have never seen any reports of RC aircraft meniousing commercial air traffic nor operating at 4500 ft. Perhaps the government should limit the transmission range of drones to between 500 ft to 1000 ft.
preacher1 1
Well, that is a pretty good difference. Most RC guys are well aware of aviation in an area and are fans of such. These folks seem to have no interest in aviation, just in flying their machines, like there is nobody else in the sky.


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