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Flying on the Breitling Super Constellation

Straight after appearing at this year’s Farnborough air show, the Breitling Super Constellation operated a special flight on behalf of its original manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, for a 45min low-level sortie around the English south coast. ( Altro...

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Tom Pera 6
flew 1000+ hours on "Connie" mostly over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos late 1967-late 1968 -- this brings a little tear to my old eyes...
Have close to 500 in the Navy EC-121M I caught the end of their life in 73, I was transferred to EA-3Bs after that.
I was always a Douglas fan but I'll admit after watching this video that the Connie was much more beautiful.

I guess in those days it was Douglas vs Lockheed rather than today's Boeing vs Airbus.
Dan Little 1
Most enjoyable. Thanks!
Dave Nosek 1
One of my favorites. Beautiful aircraft.
joel wiley 1
My how things change. The first one flew in 1951 48 years after the Wright Brothers.
I think this one rolled off the line in 1956- 53 years after the Wrights.
That was 58 years ago. What will another half century look like?
How will our standards of A/C beauty change?
Beautiful a/c. Thanks to Breitling for sponsoring the 700,000€ annual maintenance bill. Whew!


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