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London CityJet plane forced to make emergency landing after 'part of wing fell off'

Seems part of the ?flap control mechanism ? came detached of an Avro BJ45 shortly after takeoff from London City Airport ( Altro...

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yoteun 1
See also a movie about it:
Chris B 1
Another video view point. Not as good as the one below. I'm wondering if there was some recent maintenance in this area that likely conceals flaps mechanism.
Paul Davis 1
Damaged part is a Flap Track Fairing, nothing to do with the engines, and extremely unlikely to damage the wing. Would've caused some damage on the ground though if it had fallen off.
canuck44 1
Obviously loss of this cover had little impact on aerodynamics or they would have gone to a less challenging airport with more room for error. Amazing they got all the passengers rebooked and on their way within two is nice to see an airline work on a watch rather than a calendar.
joel wiley 1
With a rack rate of 321 pounds plus VAT, GAFF, BLAAT, and whatever else they can add on, I can see why they wanted to move them.

Looks like something unlatched or delatched on an engine cover?
Joel these 146s are really tough..that is why the Queens flight uses them. They are perfect for the City Airport. The aircraft itself is a durable and very safe machine.
These 146's just don't go fast enough to cause a flight deck control issue. If an engine pod dropped off...but a sheet of alu...concern is to where that landed in London...a city of 11 million people.
After only reading the first few lines of this, I can already say the author didn't really have a firm grasp on the story. It's not an "Avro BJ45" as that doesn't exist. Also, the cowling is technically not part of the flap mechanism, but on the 146 it moves with the flaps and sort of acts as protection (and streamlining) of the flap hydraulic systems... But the cowling has NOTHING to do with "controlling" the flaps.
Apologies, it is the blurb that is incorrectly written. Even still, the story is being hyped up this isn't really a disaster. Must have been a bit scary though!
The Independent newspaper should be a competent source of information. Whoever wrote that article should be shown the door. They are not fit for purpose.
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Flight with damaged wing lands safely - Whew!

There was a terrifying moment of confusion aboard a flight from London to Italy Thursday when stunned passengers realized that part of their plane’s wing had fallen off mid-air.
That's strange... this squawk was not on the list that I could see when I posted mine. I wish this squawk page would allow scrolling back through the entire list, instead of having to pick a grouping from the top of the page. Would be easier to check history.
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Avro RJ85 wing cover partially detaches after take-off

A CityJet scheduled flight from London's City Centre Airport to Florence returned shortly after take-off when a wing covering partially detached, dangling and flapping.
yoteun 0
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Drama on a cityjet plane

Drama this morning in the @ToTuscany offices when we received this video from our owner. ‪#‎CityJet‬ flight from London to Florence turned around when this happened! Its only a cowling so no imminent danger and GREAT customer service from CityJet in the air & at City Airport means he will still be in Florence before lunch.


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