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Malaysia Airlines MH370 pilot ‘had five runways programmed into flight simulator’

Aggiunto is reporting the MH370 Captain had 5 airports on his flight simulator including Male International Airport in the Maldives, Diego Garcia and three runways in India and Sri Lanka. What is interesting is that these airports are all air in a proximity of where MH370 could have reached. It is doubtful the Captain would leave on his flight simulator the actual airport he may have planned to take it. ( Altro...

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preacher1 6
So what's the big deal. There are probably more SIM's out there in the world than they are pilots. I think that the Malaysian folks are just now getting into the world of aviation and finding out what it's really all about and how things are done. Prior to this they haven't had a clue and probably haven't give a damn.
Agreed. The media has turned this into another 9/11 aftermath, where they pretty much give simulators and the flightsim hobby in general a bad reputation, because they immediately get the masses into thinking about ulterior motives if someone owns or uses a flight simulator.

Anyone with FS2004 or FSX or Prepar3D could have these airports loaded. They have a database of the entire world's airports in the sim! This is a non-issue here.
joel wiley 3
A real 'smoking gun'. Just because Malaysia Airlines has regularly scheduled flights to Male, and Diego Garcia might be a likely diversion target, doesn't detract from the hard-hitting impact of this latest revelation from the breathless news network.
Well I finding it interesting that the only 5 airports on his system were in geographic proximity and that the airfield the runways where he was practicing approaches were very much smaller than the published landing distance for a 777.
preacher1 5
That is interesting but until they find the plane, that is all it will be, interesting.
linbb 2
The tread on this is getting old as all they are doing is wasting time posting nothing. Many pilots have these in some form. Even non pilots so its like you say until found nothing more than another attempt to sell print.
Imagine if he had 100!
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Malaysia Air Investigation Turns to Missing Data on Flight Simulator

The investigations of the two pilots of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet continued Wednesday as investigators announced that an inspection of the flight simulator found at the captain’s home revealed that data had been deleted....


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