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American Airlines CEO nets $13.4M in stock

AA CEO netted a profit of $13.4 after exercising options and selling shares accumulated while running US Airways. Doug Parker sold more than one third of his stake in the company formed by the merger of American and US Airways, but still owns nearly 1.4 million shares (worth nearly $47 million at Friday's closing price. Not too shabby. ( Altro...

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"A company spokesman said that about half of Parker's profit came from selling shares that he bought in 2008 as a show of confidence at a time when the airline industry was struggling with skyrocketing fuel costs."

Sometimes you'll hear people complain about some CEO's making large profits/ salaries. But you probably never heard any complaints when the man purchased shares with his own money to show confidence, when everyone else was running for the doors like rats in a flood.

In this instance, he likely had to sell some of his shares to cover the tax bill on the options he was exercising. Luckily he had some profits from a gutsy buy to help pay for a portion of the taxes due.
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You're absolutely spot on. I worked for Doug when it was still America West...he took controls from Franke the day before 9/11 and kept that airline flying and then went on and grew the company through two mergers. He's a good man and a brilliant businessman, pulling 3 airlines out of trouble (one of the hardest industries in existence to make profitable).

And then you have these (I'm searching for a word that isn't TOO insulting) idiotic people who either are just incredibly stupid, or perhaps jealous because the man is earning a good income. To those people, I say - you don't know what you're talking about.

He's down-to-earth, kind, entertaining and interesting to talk to and an all-around decent guy who happens to know how to run an airline and make money. I can't find anything wrong with that.


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